Sunday, March 3, 2013

Someday I'll get with the program..

So... A ton has happened since Christmas, but I haven't been so great at the regular blogging "thing". So instead, here is a run down of our happenings:
1. We shopped at the mall a lot after Christmas with our two pre-teens.
2. Our first baby turned 12.... Sad and happy day for mommy and daddy.
3. Nana's birthday is the day after Brynn's so we had a two-for-one party. :)
4. On valentines day the hubby bought me a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers and took me out to dinner. It was such a wonderful, calm evening that we spent chatting about everything going on in our lives... I love that special time with my man!!
5. So far I have lost 12 pounds... I still have about 30 more to lose, but I'm on my way!
6. My second princess finished basketball cheer. She really didn't enjoy this winter season of cheer and we are anxiously looking forward to pop Warner starting back up (NEVER thought I would hear myself say that.)
7. It snowed in Arizona! Actually on signal Butte and baseline as a matter of fact. I had joked on Facebook that it was snowing in some parts of the valley but that this Arizona girl was still wearing flip flops. Much to my surprise, I came out of Walmart to find snow. Serves me right! Ha!
8. My sister Nicolle taught Lexie how to knit. Even though my sister and I don't speak as much as I would like, I LOVE the fact that she is a good aunt and likes my kids. I love her dearly!
9. My cute Brynn and her yw group at church took pictures at the Temple. They were stunning!!
10. We moved!!! We have more space, an open floor plan and a pool! I love it! Best part is we are back in my favorite ward with my favorite people!!
11. New Beginnings with my Young Woman. Love that girl!
12. Caden had his blue and gold banquet at church. He is loving cub scouts and is learning so much. It is amazing to see his growth!! Love that boy of mine.
13. Brynn had an impromptu paint war with friends... Although they had a blast, I wouldn't recommend it. LOL!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I've never been good with new years resolutions.... I always have really good intentions, but sometimes I feel like the resolutions and goals that I set for myself are just way too high. I need to remember that by small and simple things, great things come to pass.

One of my goals that is ALWAYS on my list is to lose my baby weight. (let's not discuss that fact that my baby is 3, ok? Awesome.) I can go 30- 45 days on these fad diets and push myself as hard as I can with my workouts.... But I never see any change. Which then leads to disappointment and then that leads to my 4 trips a day to circle k to get polar pops. (let's also not discuss the fact that ONE polar pop is half a 2 liter. Gross, I know).
SO.... About a month ago, I resolved to eat as clean as I can and not worry about the weight that comes off. I was doing SO well too! I was so proud of all the healthy eating that I was doing and how I was changing these habits that had been ingrained for so long.
THEN I started running into issues... My healthy food was disappearing at a rapid rate. My fruits and veggies were gone and the chips and fruit snacks were sitting in my pantry untouched. Evidently, I forgot that when the momma sets the example, the babies will follow suit.... And that is exactly what happened. :)
So... my resolution this year is to keep my fridge and pantry stocked with all healthy foods and to make sure that at every meal, my children will be eating at least half fruits and veggies.
I'm actually excited about this goal. I'm excited that my children will learn healthy habits that they can then pass on to their children. Statistics show that by the year 2030, HALF of the population of America will be obese. Not just overweight... But obese. It brings me to tears to think that half of my grandchildren could suffer from health problems because I failed to teach my children proper eating habits.
Not. Going. To. Happen.

I love my posterity way too much to let that happen....

(And I also happen to LOVE that my fridge looks like this! ;))

Here is to keeping my 2013 New Years resolution! :)


I have no idea where to even begin. It's been over a year since I have blogged!! Since I am so behind, I suppose maybe I should just start off by showing 2012 in pictures. :) Warning!! There are a TON! Enjoy!

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